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Patent Pending made simple


Provisional Patent Application Drafting and Filing

We draft provisional patent applications based on the information provided by the inventor. After drafting, we send it back to review and assure that we conveyed the invention correctly. We then do revisions if needed. The PPA will be around 10-20 pages based on the number of figures and the complexity of your invention/method/software. We will present your invention/method with technicality, mechanics, and function in mind. After doing all revisions, we file your PPA and grant you the right to use the term "Patent Pending" on your invention for a year.

Packages starting at $550

Comprehensive Patent Search

Doing a patent search allows the inventor to make the decision of pursuing and filing a Provisional Patent Application. By knowing that the invention is original, the inventor can have peace of mind and avoid any IP problems in the future. If the invention already exists and the inventor isn't aware of it, it can end in a costly mistake. 

Package price $150

Professional Line Drawings

Professional line drawing provide vital information on the function, use and ability of your invention. Patent pending provisional patent applications do not require formal USPTO approved line drawings, but you may use photographs, rough hand sketches and CAD models.

Packages starting at $200